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we have developing news out of southern california. a strong earthquake strikes in the pacific ocean. we'll have the latest on any possible tsunami warnings. we are live in fremont where firefighters are still on
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the scene of yesterday's factory fire. we'll tell you how cnh employees will be taken care of even though their workplace is destroyed. there is more fallout from the threat to shut down two schools. the saturdayed precautions to keep students and teachers safe. well, a little system coming down. not going to do much in the way of rain. but the temperatures will stay very cool. we'll have those for you coming up. good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning, december 14th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. is it cold enough to wake you up when you step outside? >> not as cold as yesterday. we had clear skies. that kind of hit you a little harder but it's still cold out there. definitely that cold air is trapped. this system is falling apart.
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it's weakening rapidly. it's going to be chilly today. upper 40s, low 50s for many. here is sal. good morning. traffic on 24 westbound is moving along pretty well getting up to the tunnel. there are no major problems driving on 680 as you drive nearby between walnut creek and oakland. northbound 101 san francisco that traffic looks good. let's go back to the desk. time now 6:01. repair crews and other crews are still at the scene of that big machine shop fire that happened yesterday. lorraine blanco is at cnh enterprises right now. firefighters are looking out for flairups out there. >> reporter: they are babysitting the smoke this morning. it's smoldering in the center of the building. that's what we are told this morning. you can see what is left is a gutted charred mess. these are the offices in the front of the building. management says they are working furiously to open a new
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location. it started in the warm springs company around 1:45 yesterday afternoon. the flames and smoke were so heavy and the chemicals inside the machine shop were so combustible firefighters had to battle it from the outside. all 80 or so employees got out safely but the building was destroyed. >> when you stop and think about something like this, it's like you know my personally my problems are trivial and i don't care about my problems. this is a whole big company that is really going to have issues. >> reporter: from hearing these employees you really get the feeling this was a good place to work. the director of operations estimates millions of dollars in damage. employees will be taken care of during the holiday season. they will continue to be paid. the cause of the fire is under investigation. reporting live in fremont lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 news. time now just about 6:03.
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overnight news just hours ago there was an earthquake off the southern california coast. it was a magnitude 6.3 it hit about 2:30 this morning. first report says there were two earthquakes within seconds of each other. now we are told there was only one. no tsunami tsunami warnings were issued and there is no warnings. the company suspects some workers lied about completing the inspections that are required by state law. eight employees and 11 contract workers have been fired or suspended. pg&e has fired 48 additional inspectors and hope to have all the equipment checked by the end of the year. most of it is is in southern alameda county and the south bay. two schools will reopen this morning that is after a
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high school teacher was threatened. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine de la vega joins us now from cupertino with more on the new security measures that students will face when they head back to class today. >> reporter: pam, month that vista high school is being watched today. deputies will be out here patrolling as a security precaution. yesterday they closed down because there was a bomb threat at the high school. the bomb units and canines made a sweep of the school looking for a suspicious device but found nothing. graffiti was found saying a bomb was planted at monta vista high school claiming to kill a certain teacher. >> he doesn't deserve it. >> whatever it is, i'm sure it's a joke or something.
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>> reporter: on the website the teacher does get mostly positive comments but a year ago a student posted a comment that says quote he makes me cry when i get to class. we reached out to the teacher but so far he's declined our request for an interview. sheriffs deputies were protecting him and his family yesterday and extra security will be in place for that teacher today. it's unknown if he will come to teach at the school today. but the sheriffs department is still calling this an active criminal investigation and they are trying to track down leads to find out who is responsible and if they catch that person they will be facing serious charges. reporting live janine de la vega. time is 6:05. sentencing today for a san francisco school cafeteria worker convicted of several sexual assaults. he was convicted of attacking three women in the mission district last year. one of them was beaten
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unconscious. he could get life in prison. the fifth suspect charged in an attack that left one man dead and a woman badly beaten is set to face a judge today. they were found bound and bagged in the middle of the street. the victims and the suspects knew each other. the final suspect is facing charges of accessory to murder and conspiracy to destroy evidence. new this morning there is more fallout from the royal phone hoax. about a dozen workers at the australian radio station behind the prank call had been moved to safe houses. ten radio executives now have around the clock bodyguards because of death threats. meanwhile british investigators are disclosing more information about three suicide notes left by the nurse. two were found in the room while the other was among her personal possessions.
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one note dealt with the phone call. another focused on her funeral. the third criticized hospital coworkers. president obama and house speaker john boehner met again at the white house to talk about avoiding the end of year fiscal cliff. they describe it as prank but no progress to report. coming up the indications that lack of agreement is already hurting the u.s. economy. certainly the stock markets are feeling it as well. time now 6:07. let's get everybody out the door. sal, what are they looking out? >> we're looking at commute that is moderately heavy getting heavier by the moment here on the friday. i want to show you live pictures from our live camera network. you can certainly see highway 4 is busier here. it's stop and go in antioch. there are no major problems on interstate 680 nearby. we have been checking with chp it looks like it's pretty good through there. also at the bay bridge toll plaza we do have a backup that is building yesterday about at this time they turned the metering lights on. today a little bit better.
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the metering lights are not on. that means fast track users are getting through with little or no delay. and if you are drying on the peninsula we've been watching that for you. traffic looks good on 101 and 280. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. a very good morning. our system is arriving. it's arriving and falling apart. cloudy, mostly cloudy in the morning. maybe light rain. i doubt it. mostly cloudy partly cloudy this afternoon. it will stay cool. it's cold out there now. that cold air is trapped due to the cloud cover. really you can watch how this system which looked so good yesterday. we take a jet stream and split it. one going north and one going along the coast. so cloudy, mostly cloudy here in the morning. off the coast and bay light rain possible. really there is not a lot to this system. it's really arriving. much, much weaker than it looked 24 hours ago. cool high temperatures though and the lows are also cold. lots of clouds. not much rain. we'll take that right into the
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weekend. there are returns on radar. if you are getting anything you can tweet me. i'm showing signs of all this system. it's just really not going to do too much. if there is any available moisture up around 3,000 to 3500 feet you might get a little snow. temperatures in the 30s but they are trapped. i don't think we will cool off anymore. we'll be hard pressed to warm up. three degrees up in tahoe. 37 ukiah. it will be in the 40s for much of mendocino county and lake county. there is too much cloud cover. next system will do the same thing. although we will keep a lot of cloud cover in the forecast. cloudy, cool, maybe light rain. chilly, chilly high temperatures. upper 40s or low, low 50s all the way. i mean north bay and east bay. and even into the south bay could be a slight warm up to the santa clara valley. temperatures are stuck. so the extended outlook which always has your weekend in view
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there. maybe a little stronger system tuesday. on monday we'll see if that is advertised. time now 6:09. high tides expected in california again today. the king tides happened because of the position of the sun, the moon, and the earth. it happened several times a year. this time the water levels are unusually high. the king tide pushed water levels above seven feet along san francisco embarcadero. high tide is expected to hit again between 11:00 and 12:30. down in san diego pam did you see this? rainstorm added to the increased amount of waters from the king tides. causing a lot of flooding and mud slides. the rainfall broke a record at lind berg field. one that was set in 1902. water took over the city streets. drivers were stranded in their car. poor dog right there. the commute was effected as well. a lot of accidents reported. another high tide is expected to hit that same area today.
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>> that was before i was born. >> i knew that. [ laughter ] 6:10 is the time. shock waves through the courtroom. the comments a judge is accused of making to the victims of a rape case. >> exclusive video. another example of a growing problem this holiday season around the bay area. also a shooting inside philadelphia train station. the sports related argument police say led to the gunfire. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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welcome back. time now 6:14. new surveillance video from philadelphia capturing a shooting at a train station. the gunman and victim were arguing about the philadelphia 76ers game wednesday night. the suspect got off the train and then look he fired back on to the train where the victim was still at. shot him in the stomach. another man was shot in the leg. police are still searching for the shooter and the other man seen with him in that surveillance video. this morning defense secretary leon panetta said the u.s. is sending patriot air defense missiles to turkey top defend against rocket attacks from syria. >> we are deploying two patriot batteries here to turkey. along with the troops that are necessary to man those batteries. so that we can help turkey have the kind of missile defense it
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may very well need in dealing with threats that come out of syria. >> now defense secretary panetta made that announcement while meeting with u.s. troops at an air defense in turkey. time is running out for congressional leaders in washington, d.c. to come up with a fiscal cliff deal. as ktvu kyla campbell reports the uncertainty is definitely hurting the economy. >> reporter: pam, stocks dropped slightly on wall street yesterday. economists say it's all because there is no deal in sight. president obama and house speaker john boehner met again face to face last night but there is no fiscal cliff agreement. speaker boehner plans to head home for a long weekend today and says he's available by phone to negotiate. both sides say the lines of communication remain open. that is not enough to keep investors and businesses to know what is coming up next.
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>> speaker boehner can't ignore the american people forever. at some point reality should set in. >> speaker boehner is facing questions on his leadership. more on that in my next update. live in washington kyla campbell. a southern california judge is getting publicly scolded for saying a rape victim didn't put up a fight while she was being attacked. the comments were apparently made during a case where a man threatened to -- threatened to mutilate the face and body parts of his exgirlfriend and raped her. the judges comments were inappropriate and breech of judicial ethics. a san francisco woman accused of abandoning her newborn baby will be arraigned this afternoon. she gave birth to a son early wednesday morning. she knocked on the door of a church for help. police performed cpr on the baby as he was not breathing. officers say nash was high on
6:18 am
cocaine and has been uncooperative during their investigation. she faces charges including cruelty to a child. the newborn who is expected to recover has been turned over to child protective services. your time 6:17. barry bonds will go back to court in february appealing his obstruction of justice conviction. oral arguments are set for february 13th in front of a three judge panel in san francisco. now in april 2011 barry bonds was convicted of one felony obstruction count for giving an evasive rambling answer before a grand jury when he was asked if he had ever received drugs that required a syringe. his attorneys say that answer was accurate and not meant to obstruct justice. the oakland raiders now have an extension. trying to avoid a local tv blackout for sunday's game. the raiders have until noon today to meet the deadline and sell at least 85% of its tickets. sunday's game is the home finale against the kansas city
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chiefs. the raiders are 3-10 this season. the raiders have lost six straight games. here's a story only on 2. another incident of package theft in the bay area. this is home surveillance video sent to us by a viewer in san jose. you can see a woman walks up to a front door and takes a package that had been delivered a few minutes earlier. then she walks back to a baby stroller and leaves. our viewer says the package was a box of kids dvds worth a couple hundred dollars. just yesterday morning we told you about daily reports of package thefts in fro mont. shopping areas will have extra protection this holiday season. police officers will be conducting special patrols. they will be stationed in the downtown area and in shopping centers throughout the city. the special patrols will continue through december for. a pending strike at one of the nation's busiest airports could have an impact on holiday travel. coming up where and why some security officers are planning
6:20 am
to walk off the job in just a few days. our time now just turning 6:19. sal is back. they are pretty busy on the roads. >> yeah. you know on this friday we do have a lot of people out there. it's been a nice moderate build up which is nice. we don't have a lot of major crashes and we hope it stays this way. let's go out to the live picture. you see 80 definitely is getting filled in. also filling in between pinole and richmond on the way down to the mccarthur maze. at the toll plaza metering lights went on a few moments ago and the backup is beyond the 880 over crossing. that about a 15-20 minute delay. and if you are driving on the peninsula the traffic looks good. we take over to the other side of the bay we're off to a nice start here as well. a little bit of slowing on hayward freeway. southbound 880 as you drive from eighth street down pastern necessary son road. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. very happy friday. very cold friday out there.
6:21 am
cloudy, mostly cloudy. our weak little system is falling apart. the low coming down the coast is too far off the coast. it's right over here. if it was right here i would say okay more rain. radar does show high basted stuff. really it's more cloud cover than anything else. could be you know a little hit and miss. a little shower or two for awhile. most of the energy is offshore and already starting to move away from its energy source. look at that dispate north. there is not a lot with it. there is a lot of cloud cover and taking that cold air that settled in and locked it in. it will be a chilly day today. a lot of upper 40s and low 50s. every one of these systems coming in runs into the split jet stream. if the energy is aimed right at us it's a done deal. you get a lot of clouds and not much rain. until that consolidates i think that's what we're in for. a lot of cloud cover. light rain is possible here in the morning. chilly high temps i think. by this afternoon there will be a few breaks.
6:22 am
especially off to the east. this system doesn't have enough punch with it. clouds, mostly cloudy. partly cloudy. saturday into sunday. looks like a better opportunity for some rain. but i just don't buy it. tuesday looks a little more promising. >> thank you, steve. u.s. consumer prices dropped in november. a steep drop in the price of gas is responsible for most of it. gas prices fell 7.4%. that is the biggest decline in nearly four years and it helped offset a two tenth of a percent increase in food prices. san ramon based chevron has paid the state of utah nearly $2 million settlement. chevron collected money from a cleanup meant only for firms without insurance. now state leaders say chevron misrepresented the fact it had coverage when it appelleed -- applied to have the state pick up the costs. chevron denied the charge but says it is pleased to reach a settlement. time now 6:21. what is on google's list of the
6:23 am
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welcome back. real close call after a boulder smashed into the house of a family in san diego county. it came loose during a rainstorm yesterday and rolled 300 feet down a hill. right into the garage. it hit a propane gas line and a hazmat team had to come out and cap a leak. the living area of the home was not damaged. so family will won't have to move out. bay area travelers may run into problems in new york over the holidays. nonunionized security officers at jfk airport say they are going on strike. some 100 employees of air serve voted yesterday to authorize a strike for next thursday. group of workers another another company will hold votes today. they make sure the tarmacs are safe and secure. they say they want more training and better equipment. the two companies say they plan to talk to employees about their concerns in the next
6:27 am
comes days. the bay area has ties to some of the top searches on google in 2012. the top travel destination site was san francisco. palo alto born jeremy lin the basketball player he's the number athlete search. and the most search the consumer electronic devices apples ipad 3. it also ranks fourth in general searches. the top three general searches are singer whitney houston, gangham style, and hurricane sandy. we don't have to search for sal castaneda we know he's right over there. he knows about our commute. >> absolutely. i can give you timely traffic information dave and everyone. good morning, to you. let's take a look at what we have here on northbound 280 getting up to 880 the traffic looks pretty good coming through. and 101 also looks good. you still have a are little window of opportunity i should say driving through. if you are driving from hayward to fremont this morning a little bit of slowing on 880.
6:28 am
580 is still looking pretty good coming into livermore and 680 from concord to walnut creek still relatively light. cloudy skies. mostly cloudy skies. a really weak system is dropping by. there could be very light rain. but the cold air is trapped. it will be a very cool day. cloudy, mostly cloudy. highs low 50s for many. time now 6:27. a huge fire in fremont devastated a family owned machine shop. we will bring now a live update on the damage and when the company plans to get back to business. we're live in vallejo where police are warning shoppers about a potential scam. we'll tell you how the thieves managed to make ipads look like the real deal. plus the opening bell is just about to ring on wall street and pam will have the early stock numbers.
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right on time. the opening bell live in new york this morning. over on the nasdaq is ivogo technologies. there on the new york stock exchange another ipo. they are celebrating this morning. silver bay realty trust. it's a real estate investment trust. they are celebrating going public on the no,ing to exchange. really the big focus here across europe and asia is the fiscal cliff and what will happen in the u.s.. we'll go ahead and smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here on ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's a friday, december 14th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. this morning the strong smell of smoke is still in the air over a fremont machine shop. it didn't take long for a fast moving fire to gut the decades old family owned business.
6:32 am
ktvu lorraine blanco is at cnh enterprises. it's right near interstate 680 with the important meeting today between workers and the owners. lorraine. >> reporter: yeah pam that meeting will happen within hours here. there is a fire crew on scene right now. they are checking out a hot spot that just doesn't want to seem to go out. right now there is not a lot for employees to come back to. management will be meeting this morning another an alternate location to discuss what happens next. the three alarm fire started around 1:45 thursday afternoon. firefighters had to battle it defensively. the roof collapsed just minutes after they arrived here. all 80 or so employees escaped with no major problems. the cnh enterprise building was destroyed. management says they have a good insurance policy and employees are their main concern right now. >> shocked. shocked. surprised. can't believe it. good company. going to miss working with all
6:33 am
the people here. >> reporter: the director of operations estimates millions of dollars in damage to this family owned business. employees will be taken care of during this holiday season. they will still be paid but it's too soon to say when the company will be up and running again. reporting live in fremont lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 news. we're learning more about the young man shot and killed in a quiet san jose neighborhood earlier this week. he's been identified as 18-year- old john cody sonnenberg a graduate of lee high school. his body was found near a pickup truck that was up on the sidewalk. emergency crews thought his injury was from the crash but later determined that he had been shot. police say there is no evidence that the killing is gang related. time is 6:32. police in fremont searching for the man that walked into an islamic center and threatened to kill everybody. it happened wednesday and it
6:34 am
was all caught on tape. police say the man walk into the ikic center on oz. good road and said he had a gun. it's still not clear why he did it. >> we're not sure what kind of person showed up actually. we do have surveillance cameras. we'll be getting the pictures out of that system. >> police say the suspect may have driven off in a 1990s gray toyota cam ray. and the police will be adding extra patrols in that area. meantime two schools in cupertino are back open again this morning after yesterday's bomb scare on the campus. coming up at 6:45 more on the extra security that will be surrounding the students this morning when they head back to class. u.n. ambassador susan rice has a private meeting with president obama this afternoon at the white house. a day after she announced she is no longer in the running for secretary of state. in a letter to the president rice says she is withdrawing her name from consideration. in order to avoid a lengthy
6:35 am
disruptive conformation process. some republicans have criticized rice for not initial lady picketing the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya as terrorism. rice will remain a key member of his cabinet. >> her interest is in serving me enomotiesst mostly in serving the country. >> john keri -- kerry is now considered the front runner. he is known as a foreign policy expert. alameda and solano counties will be among the biggest winners when the walgreens drugstore chain pays a $16.5 million fine. that are among the lead plaintiffs accusing walgreens of dumping illegal and toxic
6:36 am
substances. they sent hazardous waste and medical records to landfills. the company is not admitting any wrong doing saying it settled the lawsuit to save the time and money of a long legal battle. walmart and kroger are potential bidders for hostess. that new report says there are more than 20 bidders interested in buying some or all of the interrupt companies assets. some of the bidders want all of hostess. others just want the cakes or bread divisions. new warnings about fake ipads popping up in vallejo. temperature tom is live with the -- tara moriarty is live with the details. >> reporter: if you look at the ipad the back of it is silver here. police say that scam artists were using silver picture frames that looked just like this with little stickers in order to try to trick people. it was just last week they pulled over a car at a shopping center and realized it had a
6:37 am
stash of fake ipad boxes. detectives believe that person was intending to sell them for a cheaper price than the real ipads. now inside the boxes police say they found a replica of an ipad wrapped in bubble wrap to hide its true features. it's not known where they would be sold and how much they would be sold for. always remember if you are buying electronics off the street to completely open up the product and inspect it before purchasing. if you were a victim of this or similar scam, you are urged to contact your local police department and starting today in vallejo if you plan on doing holiday shopping police will step up patrols around shopping malls, strip malls, as well as the downtown area. now we will try to talk to the detective in charge of this case to see if any charges will be filed against this person. live from vallejo i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:36. a police crack down is a
6:38 am
holiday tradition as well and the chp and local law enforcement agencies are kicking it off today. it's a two week maximum enforcement period cracking down on drunk drivers. that means more patrols out there and extra dui check points all over the bay area. the maximum enforcement period runs through january 1st. right now it's 6:37. i just want to check back in with sal on the commute this morning. on this friday morning. >> you know it's getting busier pam and dave. although we haven't had a lot of major collisions which is good. let's go out and take a a look at the drive times you are facing. if you are driving on 80 and you're coming in from richmond to the bay bridge toll plaza that stretch could take you 25 minutes and from here to the toll plaza on to the bridge another 25. you can see where the delay times start building up. again the good news we haven't had a lot of just major problems here and there. just minor things going on. looking at contra costa county
6:39 am
speaking of the minor problems we had a minor accident eastbound highway 4 near loan tree. that son the shoulder. westbound highway 4 bay point looks like we have an accident approaching chicago. we are going to follow that. it's rather new. let's go to steve. thank you. a very good morning. happy friday everybody. cloudy, mostly cloudy everybody. cold out there. sal was asking me 40 degrees when we say it's cold out here, if pam says it's cold, it's cold. that's all i need to know. it's a all i need to know. cloudy. cold out there. now again for those of us from the northeast we get cold. mostly cloudy. staying very cool on the high temperatures. when i see people going like this, that tells me it's cold. that is in the afternoon. our system coming by, it's splitting. when it splits its loses energy. the low is off the coast. it's too far. it might drag in a little bit of rain but it's a lot of
6:40 am
clouds. light rain possible coast and bay. but really i'm covering myself. i don't think much will happen. if it does it will be very brief. that is the way it looks for most of the weekend. very chilly highs. cold lows. lots of clouds. maybe some rain picking up as we head into sunday. radar does pick up high bay stuff. when it's light green it won't do much. darker green off the coast. and watch how this falls apart. there is two little sections here. look at that one. poof it's gone. 30s on the temps or 40s. that cold air is trapped. and you can see there is a lot there. it runs into a split jet stream. you see the low forming right off the coast. cloud and rain forecast. takes most of it off the coast today. over the weekend a similar scenario happens. we get clearing tonight. maybe patchy fog. here comes the next system. it will probable do the -- it will probably do the exact same thing. chilly high temps though. they're really not going to go
6:41 am
very far. upper 40s and low 50s. brentwood 51. livermore 51. a little warmer for some. closer to the coast and bay. really not much. we're stuck in this pattern. palo alto should say 52. clouds and showers on saturday. maybe cloudy a little bit more rain on sunday. a break monday and tuesday. time now 6:40. dramatic new video to show you of an officer involved shooting that happened in manteca. we have details of a lawsuit filed by an oakland lawyer and what the mother of the man that was shot is saying. we're live in pleasanton where there has been a string of pharmacy robberies all from yesterday. we'll tell you who police are looking for. highway 4 looks like we have a little slow traffic up and over the hill. we'll tell you why that is.
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6:44 am
good morning. under cloudy skies and a little southeast breeze. it's a little chilly out there. 30s and 40s. it's trying to rain but i doubt much happens. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at the top stories we are following for you. just hours ago there was a magnitude 6.3 earthquake it hit off the coast of southern california.
6:45 am
no tsunami warning was issued. no word of any injuries of damage. in fremont employees of a machine shop one that burned down yesterday may find out today if they will a job. smoke from cnh enterprises could be seen for miles. investigators think the fire started in the rear of the building. it may have been sparks that got into the ventilation system. president obama and house speaker john boehner had another face to face meeting last night at the white house trying to come up with progress in its attempt -- reportedly though there is still no deal. police are investigating a number of pharmacy robberies in dublin and pleasanton. ktvu channel 2 reporter brian flores joins us from pleasanton where two of the four robberies happened. brian. >> reporter: the main question is whether all these pharmacy robberies are related. we are live here though in front of a rite aid off the 2800 block here in pleasanton. this particular location was
6:46 am
robbed around 12:30 yesterday afternoon. but there were also pharmacy robberies at a lucky pharmacy location not too far from here around 6:15 last night. there was a third attempted robbery that may or may not be related that happened a the the 7400 block of dublin boulevard in dublin around 12:40 yesterday. and now we are hearing there was a fourth attempted robbery at a cvs around 5:30 yesterday. a man or men walked up to the pharmacist with a demand note stating he had a gun and wanted some type of opiate based narcotics. when the pharmacist said no the man fled on foot. who police are looking for this morning is either a white or middle eastern man with a beard in his mid 30s around 5'3" and 150 pounds. and another man 5'7" and 200 pounds. we are live in pleasanton i'm
6:47 am
brian flores. there is new disturbing video showing the moments before and after an officer shot and killed a man in manteca. now an oakland attorney is fighting bangback against the -- is fighting back against the police department. now that video was released just one day after the officer was cleared of any wrong doing. the shooting happened back in 2001. officers say they were forced to fire shots after the suspect pulled out a knife. >> i don't understand how you know this happened. i see my son and sure he's coming out of the car but there is no nothing there that shows that this officer trained officer was threatened. >> oakland attorney filed a lawsuit against the city of manteca and the police department claiming excessive force, malicious conduct, and wrongful death. two schools in cupertino
6:48 am
reopened this morning. they were shut down yesterday after a teacher was threatened. ktvu janine de la vega live in cupertino now with more on the tighter security now in place. >> reporter: monta vista high school opens up in the next 45 minutes. we have seen staff members drive in here. there has been a security guard from the school district parked out here overnight watching the school. there has also been sheriffs deputies patrolling overnight at the school. that will continue all day long just as security precaution. yesterday morning monta vista high school and nearby lincoln elementary were closed because threatening graffiti was found. a bomb was planted at monta vista high school to kill a specific teacher. the bomb unit and canines made a sweep of monta vista but nothing was found. authorities are not disclosing how many threats were made but they still want to track down the person responsible. >> there is a crime that is a
6:49 am
felony it's a very serious crime and that person when he or she is located will be dealt with with pretty severe consequences. >> reporter: yesterday the male teacher who was threatened was being protected by sheriffs deputies and we're told extra security measures will be in place for that teacher today. it's unknown if he will be back at school teaching today. students told us he's well liked and popular. so far they haven't uncovered any specific reason why the teacher was threatened. now back out here live again, school here will open once again here at monta vista high school as well as lincoln elementary which is next door. reporting live from cupertino janine de la vega. it's something people around the world are talking about. the rumor that the world will end in one week. coming up for you at 7:11 how bay area people are preparing and also some local businesses
6:50 am
offering special deals next week. right now it's 6:48. i want to check back in with sal for the commute. any problem areas we should know about? >> i just sent dave a message. i will tell him on tv. hey dave there is a crash in bay point. >> thank you, sal. >> because he didn't tell me yet. [ laughter ] >> i'm a little slow. i'm sorry about that. there is a crash in bay point westbound as you come up to the area. not an injury crash but it is slowing traffic unfortunately as you come up to the bay point area. if you are driving through, give yourself extra time. there goes bart. bart is a decent option for you. again no major injuries. you will see slow traffic all the way back into pittsburg . bay bridge toll plaza is backed up from the mccarthur maze. that is about a 25 minute delay. and if you're on the peninsula 101 and 280 you are still looking pretty good. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. our system has arrived.
6:51 am
it's falling apart. a lot of cloud cover. it's cold out there. temperatures settled in 30s and 40s. and it's trapped. there could be very light rain. this is a weak system you looked good yesterday. if the low was right there, i would say it's raining. but with this system it's a lot more cloud cover. cloudy and cold out there for us. for us. light rain possible but again coast and bay all these systems coming out of the gulf of alaska have a lot of cold air. until the jet stream consolidates could pick up a little bit. as we go into the weekend. there are returns but this is really high based stuff. so far everybody is reporting cloudy or mostly cloudy skies. you could see a little light rain in the morning. 30s and 40s. you combine that with a little southeast breeze that can cut through you.
6:52 am
now other areas vallejo said just calm. there is also a little bit of fog. a combination of fog, clouds very cloudy cool morning. it looks like a mostly cloudy cool day. light rain, chilly high temps. upper 40s and very low 50s for some. without much of a breeze it's hard to stir things up. with your weekend always in view it will be cloudy, mostly cloudy. could be a better opportunity for rain. if things continue to come in as they say, they being the forecast models tuesday looks like a better day for rain. >> thank you. new survey shows men are feeling jollierer about the holiday shopping season than women. 31% of women say they will spend less than they did for last year. only 19% of men plan to spend less. but there is good news for the retailers. 75% of both men and women asked plan to spend more this year.
6:53 am
maybe the others haven't started their shopping this year. four separate computer coding schools have launched in san francisco during the last year. the san francisco business time reports this morning the crash courses prepare people in just nine to 12 weeks to take high paying jobs. the tech center says it has coding jobs going unfield because there are not enough people with decoding skills needed. 150 workers are now earning average salaries $180,000 a year. john mccain john mccain -- john mcafee now in miami. the hoax he said he used to keep from being sent back to belize. the light show over the bay area.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news live at the big boards. tells a story really. pretty quiet. the dow jones just barely moving there. 13,170. the nasdaq and s & p posting small moves. time is 6:55. john mcafee now in miami says yeah he faked a heart attack while in guatemala to avoid being isn't back to belize. >> of course it was aruse.
6:57 am
there was a three hour time limit before the judge filed. unfortunate natalie i guess -- unfortunately i guess the pressure gave me a hearty tack. >> mcafee is -- so far u.s. authorities are not tried to question him after he spent all those weeks evading police that want to ask him about the death of his neighbor. police in oakland and san francisco they are teaming up to try to get guns off the streets. the two police departments will hold a gun buy back tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. for oakland and san francisco residents only. in oakland the drop offs can be made at st. benedict's church on 82nd avenue. in san francisco they can be dropped off at the omega boys club. each person can turn in up to
6:58 am
three guns for $200 each. now this morning's announcement comes a few months after bradley wiggens became the first british rider to win the tour. preliminary details of the course will be presented mid january. the meteor shower attracted a lot of people to the observatory. this years display of shooting stars was more spectacular than usual. that is because there was very little light from the moon and only a few clouds in the sky. the meteor shower peaked just after 1:00 this morning. if you didn't get a chance to catch it, you can try again tonight when the sky show is expected to be just as good. i'll be out there looking again. >> try not to do it when you are driving. sal, what are you seeing now? >> we are following on mornings on 2 the toll plaza because it's busy. take a quick look at that. we're also going to have a look at the peninsula and the south bay. now let's go to steve. thank you, sal.
6:59 am
cloudy, mostly cloudy skies. could be very light rain but this system is showing up with not much energy. it is cloudy and cool out there. we'll talk about this and more on your weekend forecast coming up. also coming up on mornings on 2 we continue to follow the aftermath of that huge fire at a fremont machine shop. what owners and employees are doing today. more problems with pg&e inspections. why they are rechecking under ground electrical equipment. [ boy's voice ] hey guys...what're you doing? [ girl's voice ] we're gonna have lunch together. what're you having? oh, well, i only have this one, so... that'll do, i'll split it with sally. yea, we'll just share it. [ male announcer ] get your own subway steak melt, like the steak & bacon melt.

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